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Come join and discuss the Phantasm movies! BOY!!!


Come on, you mutha!


Feel free to come in and chat about the best horror films ever made! Let the Tall Man make you feel at home. Give us your opinions, tell us your favorite movie, leave your favorite quotes, tell us what you think about a possible sequel. This is brand new so lets get it rolling! Hopefully there are people out there that can still appreciate the good old days!

If you haven't seen these movies yet, do yourself a favor and go catch them!

A Phantasm trailer:

Its never over!

a. michael baldwin, anchor bay, angus scrimm, bartender, bill cone, bill thornbury, bruce campbell, caretaker, cold, cuda, david arntzen, don coscarelli, double lavender, dwarfs, elizabeth reynolds, fortuneteller, fortuneteller's granddaughter, horror, horror films, horror movies, ice cream trucks, james legros, jody pearson, kathy lester, kenneth v. jones, lady in lavender, laura mann, lynn eastman, maid, mary ellen shaw, mausoleum, mike pearson, morningside, myrle scotton, oblivion, paula irvine, phantasm, phantasm 2, phantasm 3, phantasm 4, phantasm 5, plymouth barracuda, psychotherapy, ralph richmond, reggie, reggie bannister, rocky, roger avery, sally, spheres, susan harper, susie, telekinesis, terrie kalbus, the ball is back, the red planet, the tall man, tim, toby, tommy, tuning fork